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0.jpg (209.82 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-10-14 11:39 upload 1.jpg (115.65 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-10-14 11:39 upload 1 TIGER" 2.jpg (109.73 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-10-14 11:39 upload 3.jpg (152.62 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-10-14 11:39 upload 4.jpg (111.65 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-10-14 11:39 upload 5.jpg (56.42 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-10-14 11:39 upload 6.jpg (119.14 KB, Park0.jpg (159.98 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-30 upload at 17:38 to commemorate the upcoming independence day in the United States, popular footwear brand Cole Haan, first released a LunarGrand "4th of July" don't note series, the series consists of a LunarGrand Chukka and two LunarGrand Long Wingtip. The former brown suede shoes body collocation red Lunarlon midsole and blue laces; the latter with unique design and camouflage printed red suede material to build, each shoe in the bottom and bottom are injected into the ink design attractive, in the continuation of the Cole Haan has always been a gentleman of modern style and as patriotism. 1.jpg (402.56 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-30 upload at 17:38 2.jpg (471.89 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-30 upload at 17:38 3.jpg (484.23 KB, download times: 0 Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ) download attachment save to album 2014-5-30 upload at 17:38 4.jpg (420.95 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-30 upload at 17:38 5.jpg (328.11 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-30 upload at 17:38 6.jpg (556.6 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-30 upload at 17:38 7.jpg (530.06 KB, download times: 0) download the attachment save to albumin early 80s, by Tinker Hatfield Air Sock Racer personally designed shoes is well known by fans. This year, Nike will this classic shoe model with new big bottom shape and Flyknit vamp to be improved afresh, make it accord with the demand of a person on a light running shoes more in performance. It is reported that, Air Sock Racer Ultra Flyknit will have 8 color matching at the same time, and will soon meet with us. to meet the coming Valentine's day, TiffanyCo. launched a new series of Valentine's day -- "Tiffany T Two" series ring. And for the famous lyricist Wyman Wong in different emotional stages of couples blessing, through the music platform to create a set of love songs. A friend who hasn't bought a present yet, it's a great choice.with the beginning of the playoffs, Lining also launched the playoffs version of the shoes for Wade -- Wade's way Encore. In the first two games with the Bucks, Wade and Haslem wore two home color matching Wade's way of Wade, Encore. The design of Wade's way Encore has made many changes, in which the triangle of the original side of the shoe was removed and Lining's logo moved from the heel to the side of jordans on sale online the shoe. Wade's way Encore will soon be listed in the country. (Editor: Chang fan)Packer Shoes x Reebok Question second edition will be on sale for 2013-12-08 22:48:35After after exposure of the two spy, this pair of Packer Shoes x Reebok Question version second today formally opened and released the sale of the city dates. It is reported that this double Packer Shoes x Reebok Question second edition will be officially released on December 14th at 12 o'clock in the United States, the sale price is $150, like friends can go to Packer Shoes entity shop or its online shop Packer buy on. Iverson classic sneakers review hits topic: "I am not satisfied" Nike KD 6 GS "Candy" color exposure 2013-12-08 23:36:14A new generation of Nike KD6's boots Durant released a new color of the Nike KD 6 GS, the "Candy" color with green, red, orange and other candy color combinations to create, quite dazzling. It is learnt that this Nike KD 6 GS "Candy" color matching will be sold in the near future, the price is 100 dollars, like friends may wish to pay attention to.Air Force One "Shanghai" on the story 2013-12-08 22:51:51 listen Shanghai Air Force 1 collector Lu Qin, Liu Jialei collection story In our previous "Collector" section, as well as limited geographical limitations of the production cost, we visited the shoe collectors generally focused on Beijing. Indeed, sneakers Beijing cultural development in recent years can be described in full swing, especially in terms of the traditional basketball shoes, Beijing and even the whole North have great enthusiasm. But we als cheap air jordans o know that the shoes are not limited to Beijing and even collectors far northern cities, but also because of cultural differences, with Shanghai and Guangzhou as the representative of the southern city, but also gave birth to a large number of basketball shoes, fashion shoes "takes all" sneakers collectors. Today we are part of the protagonist, is from Shanghai, Lu Chin and Liu Jialei, one had a father, one is not out of the campus, but the shoes, especially the Air Force 1 and allows them to come together, sitting around us, He tells sneakers for their lives change. "uncle" Lu Chin, save the shoes and dusty memories Whether in Shanghai or expanded nationwide, "uncle" is truly a heavyweight collectors in Shanghai before the trip they heard my friends say, "go to Shanghai to shoot collectors, uncle We must count as one. "And this is not only about a heavyweight evaluation because of his size, but because of his collection, whether the number of component size or single product, are indeed a reputation. Although due to age and family, he seems to have not as crazy as a young man for shoes, but to see him lead us to visit his family, "the Treasury" can not hide the excitement on his face, we knew he was always still love those shoes . uncle whose real name is Lu Chin, is 4-year-old girl's father, but also a standard of Shanghai 80 - apart from the fine life, stuck to their love of a good collection. Such as motorcycles, extreme sports, and of course collections of shoes, especially Air Force 1. However, as with many collectors, Huang Shu love for shoes and collections, al buy cheap jordans online so starting from basketball in 1997 by Peyton endorsement, and the same year Zoom Flight V Hawk Nike Air Hawk Flight with sequins designed to be his first true sense a pair of basketball shoes: "I had liked the Zoom Flight 95, but for various reasons did not buy, which made me sleep at night ?? Air Hawk Flight just listed but I remember the start of the 990, where you want. Special thanks to the support of my family about, you know pay how much 97 years had never been seen before. " In this way, out of the basketball obsession and love, plus the support of parents, "uncle" in this way they took the collection of shoes. From Foamposite to Air Jordan series, in that aspect of basketball shoes good shoes golden age, there are too many classic shoes worth to buy and treasure. It is also this crazy years, so that "uncle" realized the collections of shoes Gains and Losses: "gotta be to get the kind of joy after a pair of shoes, but the loss is sad because those old shoes chalking years is too long . "purchase, play, collection, and finally chalking, this bittersweet but often helpless lost for the road eventually ending collection of" uncle "decided to change the style of his collection, Air Force 1 in Dunk SB retro shoes, etc. began to replace the Air Jordan basketball shoes become a kind of tradition, "Huang Shu" collection of favorite, the reason is simple - they are mostly stitching sutures rather than glued, easier to maintain, and more suitable for the same outfit, Air Force 1 basketball shoes become quickly replaced the "uncle" Favorite number one power. Today, as the representative to t air jordan 11 space jam for sale he Year of the Dog Lunar New Year Series, the ultimate luxury Italian Lux family, as well as cooperation in various hTm version and "uncle," I have long loved Ueno Sakura uncle became the shoe long a guest. And even since the child's birth, the family treat "uncle" Favorite shoes attitude seems to have a little change, but he was still fun, even at the beginning of 2012, he returned to line up the ranks after a lapse of many years, only for that money box Suit version of the Dragon Air Force 1. Finally, even if the "color never put out a limited never put out", Air Force 1, the hype is never stop, but the "uncle" for shoes, for the Air Force 1, just as his persistent pursuit of the year Air Force 1, the same reason, not because of age, but there are too many changes: "In fact, there are a lot a lot of dreams for the sake of my shoes did not complete the persistence of love, I will try to complete them ...." Air Force 1 UENO "UENO" in Japanese, it means "Ueno" in Tokyo, Japan famous shoe store, which is this cherry hair shaped by AF1 of Mita Sneakers located in Nagano. Meanwhile Japan Nagano Park is also one of the best cherry blossom viewing places, so the "UENO" embroidered in cherry petals in-shoe body, can be considered a meaningful. In addition to vamps Laser pattern, it also uses an internal picture of a flower designs wooden shoebox filled with hay. Air Force 1 MCO IO Sample As the birthplace of one of the three AF1's, Baltimore series also AF1 25 anniversary of products the main push shoes. That year, the Baltimore Downtown Locker Room, Cinderella Shoes a jordans on sale mens nd Charley Rudos Sports three suppliers launched the initiative to ask NIKE AF1 again. Sample versions of this unique in its sole Vibram outsole on the use of outdoor shoes in the field, rather than the commercially available version of the ordinary rubber. Air Force 1 X Rio Ferdinand As 1WORLD series last pair of shoes, Manchester United players Rio Ferdinand finale of Air Force 1 debut. This pair of Air Force 1 with a more elegant white leather, gold symbolizes Ferdinand SWOOSH Premiership champions honor; and followed by "5" and "V" represents the Ferdinand back number; ice bottom design makes this pair of AF1 more significantly distinguished; and finally there is Ferdinand's "Football Declaration" on the insole. Air Force 1 Black Friday DJ Klark AF1 is not only a top collector, and he also designed a series of AF1, and his design talent is very laudable. 2008 on the eve of Thanksgiving Black Friday will double for his hand. The whole design is very special two-AF1, made use of several different materials, including the first half using a rare horse hair material, SWOOSH and heel of silver reflective material matched to catch black reflective colorful midsole. "LEO" Liu Jialei, shoes Lion King small community compared to getting into the middle-aged uncle, his side's Liu Jialei although slightly astringent, but the shoes seemed to have more dedication and passion . This enthusiasm, belongs only to his life addicted to shoes, such as attitude, is also derived from those very classic Air Force 1. Compared ?????? real name, it seems that we are more fami jordan 3 katrina 2018 liar with his other name, diligently collected and translated news "Leo" in the major shoe forum, also known as "little lion." Leo ignorant of the shoe collection can be traced back to his junior high school stage. He was in his class, and has often played with the boys when it comes to the shoes of the students, and often wearing new shoes to go to school, and really opens the road Leo shoes, to be the day when the students go to school wearing the Deluxe Edition Dog Zodiac Air Force 1, which is what we called "ho dog." Thus, Leo began at this time under the influence of the students, to strengthen the understanding of the shoes: "At that time the students affected by this very deep, from the beginning to understand basketball shoes to be able to distinguish the difference between the Air Force 1 and Dunk, Slow slow to contact a wide range, and to embark on this road of no return, and the result is so many years I'm still walking on this road. "And in addition to a richer experience for shoes, Leo treat shoes are subtle attitude was changed: "The initial buy shoes will wear, will be careful not to be stepped on, will want to wear'll keep, but slowly found some shoes through after original patterns will be worn away, so in the end simply shoes and took possession of the shoes worn separately, wear do not hide, do not wear Tibetan. " So, Leo in seven or eight years before the official start of collection for sneakers, though many of those who have been holding a yellow and oxidation, and even the invasion of years, but because of those memories sneakers and engraved in mind, Leo but I jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black do not have to forget: "Although some shoes no longer around, but every pair of shoes they bought me I remember very clearly, there is an unforgettable day and night to line up to buy shoes and friends, waiting very painful, do so very happy, very happy to have a bunch of like-minded around the 'crazy' together. In fact, around each pair of shoes are filled with a lot of memories, recalled how to save money, and recalls how to buy, recalled who helped me, recalls every detail. " The Turning back to Leo for the Air Force Collection 1, in fact, the first of his ideal, Air Force 1, LeBron signature shoe series and a variety of Japan Limited which three will be his focus in the collection area. But I believe that you have to see these characters feel the ideal of beauty and the cruel reality, because you have not graduated, part-time and internship Leo income it can not afford this "three big mountains" as the goal, but the content of the most abundant, price also relatively reasonable Air Force 1 became the Leo in sneakers on the core collections. Scrimp and save for Labor Day to the following day, Leo for shoes is so there is no utilitarian heart, pure love: "Favorite shoes is very grueling, obviously mind clear even to save, no matter how, after all no match for the ravages of time, but We still willing to spend costs, spend time and energy, they will often worry both temperature and humidity worry. A lot of people will say that we stupid, in fact, we know, but eventually it will lose share of unrequited love. " Finally, although young, but in the field for many years fought Sneaker has l cheap foamposites et Leo while later Air Force 1's, for this circle, these people have a deep insight than their peers, "In this circle really need a pair of eyes, with a view not only shoes, but also starting a look at people. At first I believe we pursue for shoes, emotions are pure, that is, like, unrequited love, but in this circle for a long time, to see more, will find that a lot of people with ulterior motives. in the name of good, for profit or, I would say yes, if you choose shoes to achieve these goals, it really is too weak . shoes, whether you are sacrificing it on the court or pulverized in a shoebox, you are to be hard to treat it. " Air Force 1 X Busy P The famous French electronic music DJ Pedro Winter & nbsp; AKA - "busy P" and their company's artistic director of "SO ME" together designed this double AF1, the choice of the most classic black leather material with canvas material, black shoe above graffiti illustration inspired by two people in the design process, "debate", midsole uses a rainbow gradient colors, with blue and pink markers hook sewing thread starkly. Air Force 1 X MATSUZAKA for the Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Japanese DAISUKE MATSUZAKA launched shoes, the shoe design inspiration, "dragon", insoles and heel from the East you can see by the Daisuke Matsuzaka 18 jersey symbol evolved dragon Logo, leather orange section also to make reference to Interfax, while the white part is to spend the horse hair material, which in turn can be said to break through the design of a pair of Air Force 1 . Air Force 1 X Yi Jianlian The launch of the Nik Retro jordans for sale e X Yi Jianlian AF1 Low Supreme is a valuable sense of AF1. In the design process, Yi Jianlian first thought is that he has been living, growing, but also his most miss hometown in Guangdong, with the home design elements related to nature became a source of inspiration. Upper with imitation crocodile skin material, in line with the woven leather material, the whole body of the shoe in beige, scarlet outsole select as the external walls of the Forbidden City, the more its distinguished elegance. Air Force 1 X Maharam born in 1902, it has a century-old American textile suppliers Maharam and AF1 cooperation models, such cooperation is of course in the fabric of his best. You can see the upper material is very unique, patent belonging Maharam fabric composed by the brown and dark green, and the fabric is specially designed pattern, the overall style is low-key gorgeous, and fine workmanship. Weibo Company Cooperative Contact Us Copyright Beijing Seth Times Media Culture Co., Ltd. Copyright? 2015 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP 13028176 Nike KD 7 "away" commercial information 2014-10-20 15:47:07 Earlier this double exposed for everyone Nike KD 7 finally marketed it as the color of the main road Thunder shoes or popular attention. The choice of black as a background, blue tie and modified in the end, the final orange outsole show. That eye-catching shoes maintaining the overall low-key style, the shoes will be on sale October 23 bodies, item number 653996-004, priced at $ 150, like friends do not miss it then. & nbsp; 2015 PAULANER CUP football trials come again in Guangzhou 2015-07-27 16:27:52 2015 & nbsp; PAULANER & nbsp; CUP & nbsp; trials in China after two days of intense selection on July 25 in Guangzhou ended. Final ????, Shenzhen Xiao-hyun and had Cheng, Hangzhou Han Ying Male and ????? from Guangzhou from Beijing & nbsp; 5 players through skills competition and talent on the stage on the court to show to earn a rare opportunity this fall to go Germany and the rest of the world amateur players formed international PAULANER & nbsp; dream team challenge Bayern Munich. This is PAULANER & nbsp; CUP & nbsp; trials next year to visit Guangzhou. From the beginning of April this year, more than 16,000 18 years of age of Chinese amateur players through the lower official channels registration online and offline. Finally, the applicants from all 60 is selected, invited to come to Guangzhou to participate in trials. This year the legendary German star Paul & middot; Breitner (Paul & nbsp; Breitner) again to jury trials identity came to Guangzhou. Twice visited Guangzhou, the international senior football to field players who impressed. About PAULANER & nbsp; CUP Bayern Munich and PAULANER close cooperation with more than 10 years, PAULANER Bayern Munich is a member of the family, but also the championship victory celebration integral part. PAULANER & nbsp; CUP sponsored by a brewery PAULANER 18 years of age for all football lovers trials. PAULANER & nbsp; CUP intention is selected by the selection of a team of grassroots football fans of the team, Bayern Munich against professional players. In addition to his extraordinary football skills, selection criteria requires not only the players on the online application process proposed trials for football and this understanding and perception, but also need their performance in the trials of the positive attitude and team spirit.KOBE series is undoubtedly the Duke's beloved series, and overwhelmed by the Kobe elite 11 low also officially released "Duke Blue Devils" Duke Blue Devils PE material, Quintana to Duke University, the classic blue color layout, on both sides of the insole of the "d" word imprinting patterns highlights the color du g blue magic PE identity, the overall effect is quite dynamic. source: sneakerfiles13879470672107142_720x450.jpg (117.17 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-25 upload 13:42 This pair of new color Reebok Pumpspective 13879470353652355_720x450.jpg (57.77 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-25 13:42 upload 13879470659589535_720x450.jpg (74.51 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-25 13:42 upload 00 "what is the purpose of the acquisition of foreign brands? How to spend money to buy the brand to create greater value?" Two years ago Chinese garment industry "Pierre Cardin · acquisition" has caused widespread controversy. The day before, China footwear giant BELLE group for the acquisition of children's clothing brand HelloKitty (Hello Kitty) and Disney (Disney) the news set off huge waves in the industry, private enterprises Chinese eyes were again attracted to the "M & a" the word. Statistics from the international authority7 15, Jordan Brand will be available in three different versions of the Air Jordan 2 Decon in North america. Greatly simplifies the vamp detail and use the full upper suede build, 2 Decon AIr Jordan has a simple wave. The shoes brought "Sail", "Thunder Blue" and "Triple Black" three color. I do not know which one you will love? Air Jordan 2 Decon color: Sail/Sail-Bio Beige number: 897521-100 release date: July 15, 2017 sale price: $160 color: Thunder Blue/Thunder Blue-White number: 897521-402 color: Black/Black-Black number: 897521-010 in the long section of pure fishtail skirt this skirt, the waist zipper design, better close to the waist, exposed body. Irregular hem skirt design makes the whole dress more unique. long step skirt this skirt, high waist design, enhance the proportion, lengthen the leg line. The waist hip joint height, the effect is obvious. Love the girl with a oh. irregular small floral skirt this skirt, hip package design, highlighting the female charming S figure, a floral fabric, easily out of fashion. Very old A font design, let you look out of the ordinary. new lace bag hip skirt this skirt, fine lace, crisp soft, durable, easy to clean. A hollow pattern is more refined and stylish, enhance the beauty. Even waist high waist design, simple and neat. floral bag hip skirt Yet the home fishtail skirt, prints, compact and chic. Slim and elegant chiffon fabric, soft, comfortable to wear. This is the upper cover very little stomach, a little fat, thin and fat can wear long print dress Yi Wei Zi people this skirt, slim waist, fit the body design, show the curves of the female body. Fashion design, elegant luster to you.