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believe that everyone has seen reports of this pair of air jordan 9 low infrared, red cover throughout the upper shape the Sao full gas, heel will 9 generations of classical earth shape embellishment on the contrast of the green, but have no sense of violation, the shoe in the bottom and spray paint, to add to the sense of a trace of details, but has yet to determine release time. We will continue to pay attention to. For everyone to bring the latest reports. Air Jordan 9 Low Infrared2016 summer $170source: kicksonfire the competitive sports of the intense physical confrontation, inevitably there are large and small injuries, the NBA is the highest temple of basketball, fierce competition is self-evident, injury fierce in tiger, many players down in front of it, and how much of a genius he destroyed, let a person acts regret. And I'm going to show you guys who have been injured by injuries in those years. Maddie he is a stunning genius, style chic freehand, can be competent the backcourt three positions, he is in NBA history the strongest attacker one, attack method diversification no dead angle, ignoring any package clip joint, two consec jordan shoes online sale utive scoring is the best proof. Rockets 22 game winning streak, 35 seconds to 13 points is the eternal memory of you. His blurred and firm eyes, casual glance, you can always cause inexplicable sadness. defensive lazy (PS genius players mostly seem so), career full injured plagued, 15 years of playing in the NBA, led the team scored eight times in the playoffs, but always missed the playoff semi finals and late career salary walk in each team, finally only in the eagle bear any point guard. [injury]: congenital mild scoliosis caused by a chronic back injury history: shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, elbow, hands, fingers, feet, toes, quadriceps muscle, pleurisy, concussion of the brain, back, waist. Iverson he was the NBA's most short show champion, he was court wizard, ghostly figure, gorgeous ball control, stable investment, drifting for a layup, steals the wind, no life of murderous look, extraordinary creativity, strange pass. With start and lightning fast break points to rule the roost in the NBA, called the fastest league players. He was hurt, but with strong will not charge into the enemy ranks rapidly, NBA fans around the world. He had cheap jordans led the 76ers once into the NBA Finals, dogged him, almost at will, dismount the Lakers Wang Zhaola, career harvest honor countless. When young he is so arrogant and Jordan fans shake down to become powerful and intransigent, eternal memory. as the emphasis was called cancer singles, half three organization is poor, unstable. Large and small injuries lead to numerous occupation career ended prematurely, had to leave, and then only the team traveled in europe. [] injury pictureJohnson Elvin he is one of the greatest players in history, he will be more ideas, wisdom and skill to the basketball court, basketball sports watch and competition in the 80's rose to a new height. His technology is the highest point in the history of NBA. At the same time he can be competent for any position, is a versatile player. His speed is fast, passing skills, be the most changeful, often create very comfortable offensive opportunities for his teammates. Especially he is as blind chess playing basketball, the unmistakable pass in the case did not see his teammates. So called "magician" 91 years, he was unlucky 〉Since [network] shoes from Japan's cuttin cheap jordans for sale g-edge fashion brand "bukht" since last November release of new products has been to design interesting light industry has been appreciated, this time also introduced a variety of new flats, the fresh and simple forms continue to be favored Master trend. new manufacturing in color soft suede fringed with short, exotic, really easy to attract people's attention. The edge of the shoes by hand carefully sewn, cuzhongyouxi suture showed perfect high-end texture. (footwear industry first financial information platform - Global shoes network finance channel editor) ??????professional trail running shoes Gallery ru The world of cross stitching WhiteAngel high heel sandals with ankle strap uk Gallery ru Baby Corredino KIM trail running shoes Gallery ru &nbs" /〉 womens free grille gratuite le Jack Russel Le blog de la maison point de croix tricot grilles gratuites famous footwear shop online glitter amp water filled baton mine had red glitter eyeglasses salem ma Salted caramel chocolate pretzel bark is the treat that keeps on giving It s great for the holidays either as dessert or as a gift honeyandbirch com online outlet store jordan 3 katrina 2018 for michael kors Gallery ru sampo sell t shirts This Pin was discovered by Melanie Sudell Discover and save your own Pins on professional trail running shoes Gallery ru The world of cross stitching WhiteAngel Nike Air Max 95 Dynamic Flywire attention debut 2013-12-08 22:50:59 Nike Sportswear will release a new Nike Air Max 95 Dynamic Flywire next year, as the name suggests, this Air Max 95 combines Nike new dynamic flying line technology. Then texture loaded with suede material, color combination is jumping Nike Air Max is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, this Dynamic 95 Flywire will be available in the spring of 2013, love friends can look at. Vans Van Doren Series camouflage series debut 2013-12-08 23:41:31 skate brand Vans in honour of its founder James Van Doren died and the creation of extension Van Doren recently new constantly, the Van Doren Series and Era Slip-On camouflage series contains two shoes, two shoes are used to create durable canvas shoe body, and into the green army camouflage pattern covering, finally with the Vans signs of the waffle outsole. It is reported that these two shoes will be from October Cheap jordans online onwards in the major Vans stores shelves, priced at $55.Nike it will gradually began its traditional shoes and shoes "fusion technology Hybrid concept", and strive to create more and other functions are street composite design shoes for people, the most recent example is the Lunarlon Cole Haan outsole with traditional Wingtip with LunarGrand Wingtip shoes. Nike Wardour was originally a Chukka shoe based skateboard shoes, and now, Nike and its Air Max 1 combination of air cushion outsole, to create Air Max Wardour 1 shoes. The new YISHION, green, suede and canvas design of the new shoe comes with a black Swoosh, lined with metal and silver outdoor textures, D laces and woven round laces. The new mixed shoes NIKE WARDOUR MAX 1 will be your type? 2012-9-16 08:20 upload and download attachments (90.53 KB) 2012-9-16 08:20 upload download attachment (96.96, KB) 2012-9-16 08:20 upload download attachment (136.94, KB) Jeremy Scott X Adidas Original 2013 spring and summer series has a pair of shoes to the classic NIZZA Hi into Jeremy Scott joined JAGGED (serrated) as the inspiration for the design of the shoe, the shoe body made of black can Retro jordans for sale vas, more thorns have shamrocks, let the shoes look full of engraved, and focus on the design of is in the heel position of extended JAGGED (serrated) design, dynamic let the shoes seemed to glide in high speed, in general this is very suitable for a pair of love Jeremy Scott and do not want to buy friends too Colorful. Fragment x Air Jordan 1 Black Toe "in black and red white color for the collocation, presented in black, red shoes uppers, the lightning symbol still shows its identity.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; star printed trademark Adidas suspect trap "flag gate" In the "photo" incident entertainment sweltering entirely when a famous sports sports world adidas supplies company was suspected of abuse and because Chinese flag, and fall into the "flag" incident. Recently there have been news that, adidas's at least two Olympic series sports bags and Polo-shirt flag "red yellow star" for the basic pattern, within the five-star in the biggest one, printed adidas clover logo, doubts this may violation "Flag Law." It is reported that, adidas has responded that, if the incident caused no unpleasant, the company sincerely apologize and decide the real-time sale of two products. However, the reporter learned yesterday, Chengdu The series originally planned listing in April, the company has not received the agents currently cancellation notice. investigation Chengdu: The products listed may be in April whether the product has been listed in Hong Kong, will flow into the market in Chengdu? Yesterday morning, the Pacific Quanxing shop adi-das stores in Chengdu, a staff member said that these products are new clover series, only the clover will have a sales counter. However, the reporter visited the clover in the Pacific Chunxi shop counter, the first city and other places found that alleged "Flag Gate" series of products have not appeared in Chengdu. reporter of the survey was an agent adidas Sichuan - Sichuan leading marketing company confirmed that the person concerned. The staff of the company surnamed Li in the view of the company's stock record that is expected in April of this year, adidas has a five-pointed star pattern in the three product lines will be listed in Chengdu fresh wave of all sporting goods store, including T-shirts, shoes and coats. It is reported that there are three companies in Sichuan Province in the proxy adidas sports brand, Miss Lee believes that each channel will be different products, sports bags currently listed in Hong Kong will not necessarily appear in Chengdu, but it certainly is , if the local purchase of several other agents in the same range of products, time to market will be unified. connection Company: adidas Shanghai headquarters, "aphasia" It is understood, adidas has responded that, if the above-mentioned sports bags and Polo shirt design cause anyone unhappy or dissatisfied, adidas heartfelt apology, they also decided to real time sale of two products. However, the reporter found that the current Sichuan agents has not been any news on the matter from the companies, nor whether it will order the cancellation of the position has been under Sichuan Miss Lee to lead the sales company responsible for the purchase of adidas have not even heard of "flag" incident. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter linked to the adidas headquarters in Shanghai, China, hoping to get the company to approach the above product. According to the sales lady surnamed Liu said that at present they have not received the company's reply to the relevant issues, so there is no way to explain to media inquiries. The staff of the company's legal affairs, also said the company's response to this matter is not clear, the other said in the company's marketing department have dedicated staff responsible for media reception, but his office phone has been no answer. is illegal: authorities still need to confirm According to "Flag Law" Article 18 "flag and its design must not be used as a trademark and advertising." But also stressed that before adidas, as the Chinese Olympic Committee partners, who have absolutely no intention to offend countries, recognize and praise the product only to China as the host of the 2008 Olympic Games. So, adidas emblem pattern on the Olympic series of products is a violation of the "Flag Law," this one requirement? 17:30 yesterday, the reporter called the phone the Legal Affairs Department of the Beijing Organizing Committee, the staff said, to an interview after the news propaganda department must first consent, the reporter repeatedly call, Media and Communications Department of the phone no one answer.