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following Berlin, Shanghai, Seoul and Moscow, the latest flagship store opened by the sports brand Originals Adidas in London recently opened. This opened in Carnaby street foubert 's place store, is a brand in the global scope of the latest of a neighborhood store, and by local street artists Malarko and Rosanna Webster, meticulously create a window design, while the opening day also invited George the poet and Elli Ingram et al performed, the atmosphere of the scene is very hot. Store in addition to the brand new clothing, shoes and accessories, such as design, for consumers to provide various limited edition and version of the co-operation of a single product, such as limit of 150 double ZX flux don't London note color, in London friends may wish to go around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- attention more sneakers related information, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME and subscribe to the surprise and daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! Micro-blog search dunk home, understand the latest information. source: HBvans-classics-old-skool-snake-pack-1.jpg (45.57 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-16 10:12 upload vans-classics-old-skool-snake-pack-4.jpg (49.21 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-16 10:12 upload 00 "the exchange rate is up again."." At noon yesterday, Wenzhou Kinde footwear finance manager Mr. Weng saw the exchange rate on the computer display, sighed. For firms exporting $more than 100 million a year, frequent swings in exchange rates pose risks. Latest data from China Foreign Exchange Trading Center show that in August 24th the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar reported 6.3896, again higher since the change in foreign exchange. recently, cross-border trade settlement of RMB within the territory expanded to the whole country. The cross-border Renminbi trade settlement, known as the renminbi's first sail, is now in its two year phase. Reporters visited Zhejiang enterprises, but found that the establishment of the pilot did not drive foreign trade in the RMB settlement of "a key start."". Some water companies have tasted the sweetness of some enterprises because the customer does not accept the delay step forward. RMB settlement priority list "apply for a pilot more than a year, and recently finally tried a business, the effect is good, and then extended."." Yesterday, the financial manager manager Kinde Weng Footwear Compa foamposites for cheap ny Limited on the phone a little excited. What he says is cross-border trade RMB settlement, one of the first local companies to apply for settlement in Wenzhou. "it's hard to convince the old German customers this time."." Weng said the manager, Kinde shoes customers mainly in Germany, Finland, the United States, has been in dollars, to reverse this Convention, pofeizhouzhe. in June this year, the German old customers and Kinde shoes signed a RMB settlement agreement, in which a batch of goods for the pilot. Mr. Weng calculates a sum of money: the enterprise and foreign merchant signed that batch of single shoes contract price is 6.65 US dollars / double, according to that day renminbi to us dollar 6.45:1 exchange rate, this pair of shoes to enterprise's book money is 42.89 yuan renminbi. The goods has been declared the end of the month, the full amount can be credited. if the dollar settlement, according to yesterday, 6.374 yuan to the dollar exchange rate: 1, actually only 42.3871 yuan of money to the account, there is a pair of shoes price 0.5 yuan, while the goods there are more than 7000 pairs of shoes. "In order to avoid the exchange rate risk, we will also adopt the method of long-term locking of the exchange rate, but each time the RMB appreciation will be faster than expected."." The renminbi has appreciated by more than 3% against the dollar this year. , after the RMB settlement, there is no such problem." Manager Weng said that the premise is that customers are willing to accept. In accordance with the regulations, the other side to open a RMB account in Hongkong. Taizhou Thai River Shoes Co., Ltd. is the first 19 local foreign trade enterprises to apply for cross-border trade RMB settlement pilot enterprises. More than six months down, chairman Wang Jianglin feel a lot. "Now, every time I meet a new client, I first ask him if he would like to settle the bill in Renminbi, and if the other party is willing to do so, he will give priority to it."." most)The Christmas version of the Christmas, crafted for a special holiday season, has also surfaced. Megafuse shoes by the turquoise color, inside, Swoosh and laces are pink embellishment, and the tongue of a snowflake is quite the occasion. 0.jpg (384.59 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:46 2014-12-20 1.jpg (357.15 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:46 2014-12-20 2.jpg (365.83 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:46 2014-12-20 3.jpg (399.22 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:46 2014-12-20 4.jpg (362.59 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:46 2014-12-20 0.jpg (206.75 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:46 2016-8-8 1.jpg (212.56 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:46 2016-8-8, the original maker of extreme sports footwear, will launch the latest stretch of sports shoes vans, the latest technology, this fall, LVXI. LXVI from 66 Rome digital spelling, meaning Vans company was founded in 1966, also said the series as the year when the company started, will give the extreme sports field to bring innovative products out of the ordinary. LVXI uses the latest technology of Vans company, the shoe-making process is different from the traditional, all shoes have followed the ultra light, more flexible, more comfortable for the principle of design and manufacture, beautiful color appearance design with a very modern and eye-catching, LVXI series is a new era for everyday wear extreme sports professional shoes series, all kinds of extreme sports star and many Vans's signing would speak of this innovative series, Vans and LVXI together to witness the change of extreme sports shoes in the field of pattern and standard. The new technology of Vans LXVI: 1. can be equipped with curved bottom waffle -- will Vans classic waffle bottom was improved, the increased flexibility in maintaining the original bottom waffle grip at the same time, more convenient for the extreme sports demand. 2. lightweight cushioning mat - after more than 40 years of shoe-making process, through the development of EVA and closed cell foam, Vans developed the latest lightweight comfortable cushioning insole. The micro structure of 3. sport shoes structure -- imitation of running shoes to build, maintain good shoes in shock at the same time, to provide a more elegant and comfortable feeling. 4. comfortable shoe design -- the special design of the shoe welt, increased lightweight rubber technology Leica coating, thereby increasing the shoe wearing comfort and shock resistance. 5. no car joint - seamless splicing technology, advanced to replace the traditional sewing technology, adding a special film in the upper room, heating can be different upper bound together, this will make the LXVI seamless splicing technology of shoes than traditional shoes is more portable, secure and more flexible. skateboard brand vans's branch Vans OTW recently brought its brand new Mili Stripe series for its shoe Prelow. In the collection of the mixed contour classic shoes Pritchard and Ludlow essence, the shoes with lightweight material of the shoe body, and the upper water injection pattern such as colorful printing, but also equipped with Ultracush and HD outsole. This series of shoes has two colors, red and blue, priced at $90 US dollars, or about RMB 630 yuan. They are now available through Vans online shops. on the eve of the air max day. During the nikeid air max Limited store is noisy hot, but is absent was born in air max 1 before the air max zero in NikeID. The classic shoes is Tinker Hatfield first use nike air visual cushioning technology, when because of technical limitation was not present, the first pair of air max zero is the release of the debut in nearly 30 years after 2015 air max day, has just launched two color, in this air max day brand will on March 28 officially air Max zero into the NikeiD let you am fans exclusive color custom, definitely worth looking forward to. Now may be the first to enjoy the star iD Neymar's "all-Volt" color. source: Hypebeast& nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] April 20 is the birthday Luhan 25, Puma (Puma) also take this opportunity to officially announce its brand Luhan become the first Asian spokesperson, adding "Forever Faster" of extended family. Forever Faster Puma (Puma) introduced a new slogan, a firm belief meant hesitate to comply with instinct, with a fearless attitude and constantly challenge, beyond their own. At the same time as the Manchester United fans in football Luhan spring meeting held April 19 also dressed in red Puma (Puma) Professional football series set to attend. Puma (Puma) Bo Ji Yong, general manager of China (Philippe Bocquillon) said: After "Following Bolt, Balotelli and Rihanna and other internationally influential spokesperson, signing Luhan is Puma Chinese development crucial step, as the younger generation of popular idol, Luhan and Puma brand values ??very fit. " There are a small day before Houleihanuo (Rihanna) as the women's creative director, after a small meat Luhan first Ren Yazhou endorsement, Puma (Puma) young forces have continued to grow, then Luhan also will play Puma (Puma ) 2015 latest series, want to see the complete large advertising need to wait a little, it is better to follow the posters compiled code to see Luhan Look it Sifu (Chinese shoes Network! - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners : St. Enxi fashion shoes)China Shoes News Network November 5, 2011 Christmas around the corner, Jeremy Scott creativity design geeks struck again, we will launch a special limited edition Christmas two wings shoes. adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott x 2NE1 JS Wings Colorful leopard wings shoes Jeremy Scott jointly by the South Korean group 2NE1 female day the new building, while Jeremy Soctt is uncharacteristically launched a symbol of white angel JS WINGS 2.0 full white Footwear Design . Two pairs of limited edition Christmas in December will be designated shops for sale in adidas Originals. adidas Originals and Jeremy Scott sneakers launch of each new season will be subject to the trend of people sought after, and the combination of Jeremy Scotts jointly launched jointly 2NE1 wings shoes of adidas Originals is impressive. 2NE1 not only as one of the most popular idol group in Asia, is leading the trend of fashion icon, with its unique style popular in Asia. And it is because of Jeremy Scotts 2NE1's unique personality and germination of a new design concept, from the hair do not have contributed to the innovative cross-border cooperation. The new adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott x 2NE1 JS Wings Colorful leopard wings shoes, from 2NE1's music, personality and style was inspired mix and match according to their shape, so the design collection of a variety of leather uppers and artificial fur material in one, collage on the basis mashup. Wonderful asymmetrical design, leopard backing, bright colors and a variety of materials forming stitching and collision, with Jeremy Scott Wings iconic design, both showed 2NE1 style diversified mix of unique trends and fashions. In addition, Jeremy Scott 2NE1 launch signature shoes also designed a special all-white color of the JS WINGS 2.0, which is exactly the opposite before all design, showing a rare Jeremy Scott Angel like side. Shoes abandoned the bright colors and decoration, choose a return to pure cover off the pace with the holy spirit of the devil. On Christmas Eve, two wings shoes brilliant strikes, to show to you will be a two-sided Jeremy Scott - wild passion for fashion, for his bold use of color, it is the pursuit of the ultimate perfection, pure Bai Shengjie him. 2NE1 teamed together to build, it is bound to make a lot of fans waiting. Both shoes are limited edition, will be specified in the sub-adidas Originals store launched in December this year, it will inevitably swept the world!