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Source: atmos& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Zheng flew from the top of the head and over the crowd, left Akira right flash, the last header shot; this is similar to basketball players Sui Feifei cheering crowd leaps head light, the ball into the basket; Paiqiunvqiang danced block, block the crowd with their arms together, such as forests; and finally, diving athlete Hu boarded the platform consisting of a group of human cuddle, from high-altitude jump, jumping into the crowd holding hands in. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; This is a new ad for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Adidas design, and most colorful ads, this ad group only two athletes dressed in red color ?? shirt and gray background of the masses, the picture with a pencil drawing mode has now. "I want to use the simplest and most straightforward sketch lines to render the whole concept." Bi Po-yuan, vice president of Adidas Greater China market, "Global Entrepreneur" explained. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The "easiest" ad actually is a huge project, as much as a Hollywood film production. Zheng Zhiyue header shot from the need ropes hanging in the crowd in order to achieve Sui dribble effect, the crew erected a giant runway; and in order to reproduce Hu Jia's 10 meter platform in Athens winning leap of scene, only in one scene where the production team used 50 real foreground, 100 ha foamposites for cheap nd-painted figures for close-range and 15,000 virtual characters for vision. "You need to shoot the plane on the basis of copy of fifty thousand virtual characters, more than sixty people in the production team would have done just the postproduction forty-five days." Bi Po-yuan said. Together this group of costly ad carrying the human and material resources of a simple task: to help consumers answer questions like Adidas? "I'm not the athletes, I can do what" questions. Find the answers to spend more than a year of time. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ??? 2007, TBWA advertising creative director of China Zhou Jinxiang received a special task Bi Po-yuan given by means of a series of image promotion campaign, helping Adidas in the minds of ordinary Chinese people From Olympics "everyone involved" emotions. This stems from the confusion between the two years after the completion of Po-yuan made the Olympic global partner. According to the survey data Adidas, one of the most intractable problem is people do not know how enthusiastic participation in the Olympic Games, they feel too far away from the Olympic Games. "They want to be involved in the body, but as a spectator, but also at a loss, they are in fact being neglected." Bi Po-yuan of the "Global Entrepreneur" said. In his opinion, it has eight decades of history of Olympic sponsor Adidas and Olympic intersection is not difficult to find a reasonable, it is important how the table ?????? and the Olympic Games, the people "together" feeling. In a chat, Bi Bao Yuan Zhou Jinxiang hope to launch a series of well-made advertising to express this feeling. "We do not accept the good things in general, only accept the best thing." Bi Po-yuan said Zhou Jinxiang. This allows responsible advertising creative Zhou Jinxiang feel very pressure. In more than a year, his work has been inundated with all kinds of creative solutions, his weekly with Adidas 2008 Olympic project director Kerui Jia (Erica Kerner) communicate several times in bursts and his colleagues met to discuss, and then at great length report one after another advertising and creative activities. "It was a painf cheap jordans ul process." Zhou Jinxiang said. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the final presentation of the advertisement clearly continuation of the previous Adidas global advertising borrowed the world's top sports stars team performance style personal heroism approach, but local elements and local athletes occupy the upper hand. "This is the first time in the history of Adidas." ????? on the "Global Entrepreneur" he said. Ke as Beijing stepped up its advertising and marketing investment stakes ?? density and frequency far beyond the World Cup in Germany two years ago, the local Chinese wind held Indeed, it is Adidas chairman and CEO Herbert Hainer ? ( Herbert Hainer) will. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The cost reductions known CEO office at the beginning of one of three fire burned biscuits are free to cancel the sporting goods group's German headquarters of supply, however, For the Beijing Olympics, he was determined to put a miserly sponsorship seventy million euros as well as a surprising number of follow-up and promotion expenses. Because without him, as the company's fastest-growing major market, the Olympic Games held in China for Adidas to achieve its goal to become critical global sportswear industry leader. But let Herbert dissatisfied Adidas is both globally and in the Chinese market, sales are lagging behind Nike. In the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games, Adidas must have style all their own, then, there was this group of unprecedented "Chinese" ad ?? Adidas had been making a global advertising, never produced a single image ad regional market. As CEO, he is determined to completely break this convention. Tennis player born ????? previously served as Marketing Communications Director of Special Olympics East Asia during the Athens Olympic Games is to be excavated and given responsibility ? Herbert Hainer, Adidas Beijing Olympics has overall responsibility for the marketing, sponsorship, franchising and business development activities aspects of the work. Ke led the project team only twenty members from around the world, involving advertising licensing, marketing, hospitality, ticketing and many other prof Retro jordans for sale essional fields. In pushing her, three years ago, Adidas sponsored the five-year nearly 200 million yuan to the Chinese national volleyball team, this astronomical figure, but also created a Chinese individual sports teams to accept sponsorship amount of time record. "Chinese youth want to see their country and national sports stars stand on the world stage." Kerui Jia explained. Win an absolute market capacity is not easy, Adidas had struggled to achieve product in China. Located in Shanghai Hongqiao Adidas Shanghai Creative Center is its localization of product design incubator. "In this year, where the need to complete the more than two thousand four hundred kinds of new products, design work has been able to occupy half of the Chinese store product categories." Adidas Shanghai Creative Center Director Mark ? Colin - Tomer (Mark Colin-Thome) said . For more acceptable to Chinese consumers, the design department has increased the proportion of Chinese elements, some of the past never had the design elements began to enter his field of vision, such as clouds, fan, bright "Red China" and other elements. Introduction of new products with China are obviously a lot of design, such as with a carving hoodies and fire red windbreaker with Zibai white. Compared with European consumers, who obviously favored Chinese colors gorgeous feeling. Mark obviously felt that. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas tentative two years ago launched the Olympic series of product design, but the response was not enthusiastic, but it was a strong enemy sniper Nike . Nike took a circuitous tactics, highlighting its "golden generation" retro products. This series with Xu Haifeng, Lang Ping, Zhu Jianhua three story old athlete at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics as inspiration. In a limited edition retro Nike sneakers are Chinese red soles, marked with yellow Chinese characters "breakthrough" on the upper. The color of the clothes in bright red flag, imperial gold and motion-based play color blue, bright yellow chest word "China" also the customers who look back to the 1984. The design of Nike apparel in many past Olympic documentary ca cheap air jordans n be seen, it is reminiscent of past Olympic glory. For Adidas, the innovative design is imminent. Shanghai design center set up three years ago, right time, which allows the company to obtain timely feedback from the market. In the past few years, Adidas has introduced design elements to join the Chinese sports clothing and sports shoes, and gradually bid farewell to the past basic to the Western style-based marketing model. & nbsp; & nbsp; "degree selling products with Chinese elements make us feel very surprised." Mark said. Here the birth of many Chinese elements into the star product, such as initially designed for children, and with Fuwa patterned blouse. Soon, Adidas staff were surprised to find in the street watching some of the children's version of an adult girl wearing largest number of Fuwa shirt. These phenomena are fed back to the design center for adult Fuwa shirt was quickly put on the market. "Until now, these products are not in stock." Kerui Jia said. Battle terminal However, Adidas Beijing Shin Kong shop manager Zhao Bo, the design changes are not the things he is most concerned about, "For me, the most important thing is the store management." Thirty-year-old Zhao Bo have seven sports brand store management experience, make him feel the pressure it is how to complete the 12 million to 15 million yuan in sales this year. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ". Details of the administration is an indispensable work, we increased the power of the channel data mining" Adidas regional sales manager Zhao said. The secret lies in changing the beat frequency and speed. In response to competition, Adidas previously twice a month the new replenishment frequency has been increased three times, only in April, the Beijing area Adidas store on each terminal received more than one hundred and sixty new models Olympics, over up to five species one thousand kinds. "This means a monthly exhibition fully update again." Zhao explained. In addition to continuing to expand the proportion of the Olympic family, Zhao also asked the salesman to enhance customer service quality, a complete decomposition of the purch jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ase process for customers to watch the window, concerned goods, try the front, cashier, maintenance and additional marketing and presentation The method of sale and other sectors. "We are required to ensure a very high level of customer service." Zhao on the "Global Entrepreneur" he said. To test the quality of service, she has expanded in the area each week storefront "mystery shopper" inspections activities Similar inspections will be informed of the results of the first week of the second half past nine jurisdictions manager meeting, the manager who ensuing brainstorming, Analysis of recent changes and future measures to deal with. Zhao led the men twenty-eight employees, management and maintenance of more than five hundred square meters of stores. He obviously felt from the beginning of last year the company significantly accelerated the new product replacement rate, which has more than two hundred kinds of styles of shoes, clothing and more than twice the shoes, everything from David Beckham's football equipment to the latest trendy yoga series. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Zhao daily tasks can be summed up is not complicated ?? maintenance display the image, then as many sellers. According to the management experience of Adidas, Zhao was asked to clerk divided to four categories: the ability willing to work, have the ability to refuse to work, can not afford to be willing to work and can not afford to refuse to work through the monthly data for assessment personalized management. End of each month for two days, all employees were asked to an intensive training, the Olympic product knowledge to explain the focus frequently mentioned ?? In addition to price, the clerk who would like to explain exactly what the customer and product designers design ideas inherent in science and technology content. Zhao Bocheng identify the clerk to remember these complex design ideas is not an easy thing. "The only trick is to study hard." Zhao said. Because each quarter has a variety of Olympic new products, latest design theme is the Olympic venues as well as green. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Zhao, the content Cheap foamposites for sale of the work day can be a "MODEL DAY" in the form of the cover, this table provides a detailed enough for the manager's work instructions, simple easy to manage, according to sellers of peaks and valleys, they are precisely cut time to check invoices and many other aspects, such as from work before cleaning the store after work. In response to the increasingly popular selling climax, increasing the reaction rate, Adidas specially opened up a rapid replenishment channel, fast supply of goods by mail from Shanghai or Suzhou delivery to the store, from order to receipt takes only five days. Every Wednesday of every storefront furnished by specialized departments large rectification, the goods will be re showcase for music and product announcements will be reissued once ?? they are required to be updated every day; associated with it, the lighting department lighting will be conducted in accordance with the updated store debugging furnishings and musical themes. Although these anomalies cumbersome maintenance details, but Zhao is not tired, Adidas store management data show the proper music and lights with better sellers.With the gradual rise in temperatures, vitality summer has unwittingly got here, this fan internationally renowned sports brand NIKE launched the "SUNSET PAC" running shoes series, overwhelmed series of covers the AIR MAX 1, AIR MAX 90, ROSHE RUN SLIP ON, ROSHERUN NM BR, FREE OG, etc. In recent years, the popularity of shoes, and the use of colorful bright color, into the fringe elements of the design to meet this summer. This is definitely the highlight of the summer on the streets, overwhelmed series has been on sale at their designated stores, interested friends do not miss yo! Adidas JS Wings 2 Jeremy Scott and Adidas cooperation has been one of the most popular styles in the shoes, recently launched a limited edition baby shoes, the golden color of the uppers and rubber soles, such shoes for their baby wear a certain moment "adorable"! ; you die like Nike fans certainly remember a few years earlier Nike 1 World projects, Nike was found around the world representative to conduct a series of joint cooperation, around the sale of all created a sensation. At the time that The and Roots soul? Uestlove to design a uestlove x Nike 1World shaking heaven and earth? Air Force 1, uestlove and Nike will once again this time? One to make sure all the shoes fans Marvel joint shoes. This time? Uestlove Dunk Hi bold style in which red shoelaces make only superficial changes, have don't package details of the design idea, and on the tongue and heel with a Afro head? Silhouette pattern uestlove sign, and the other two yellow tongue and heel styles to also have? Uestlove pattern. This makes people find everything fresh and new? Uestlove x Nike Dunk Hi Strap / Dunk Hi Bz will be February 11th Undefeated shop in Harajuku and Shizuoka little exclusive sale, which will set off a wave of reign of terror as can be imagined.Reebok launched a series of sports players Classics Patriot Pack Limited models 2013-06-27 11:43:06 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: sneakernews] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network June 27 hearing, American Independence Day on July 4 Independence Day approaching, the various brands of the United States to express their patriotism in a surprisingly casual sellers. Reebok outdone, breath launched several Reebok Classics Patriot Pack Patriot Limited series. Selected its classic shoes the Question Low, Pump Twilight Zone, Phase One, Exo-fit High, Workout Mid and Workout Low, etc., can be described as the stars play. Color with Stars and Stripes for inspiration, red, blue, white as well as wild gray-based, most notably it should be Question shoes. & nbsp; Related news20100421032651.jpg (48.95 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-4-21 09:14 upload You 20100421033547_0_.jpg (25.82 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-4-21 09:14 upload By the famous designer Mark Parker Fragment, Design founder Teng Yuan Hao and Nike legendary designer Tinker Hatfield composed the creative team shortly before the Nike Mercurial Superfly football boots to deduce, launched a new version of the Nike Free Mercurial Superfly street by HTM. After the first day of the dark gray color, Nike once again launched a new version of the green fluorescence, celebrating in Brazil during the summer exciting football finals. Shoes have been sold today at NikeLab, X158 and other global NikeLab stores, and many people can't afford to pay for this super limited shoe bag, but we might as well have a look at the top foot pictures of our shoes. 0.jpg (47.96 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:52 2014-7-15 1.jpg (73.29 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:52 2014-7-15 2.jpg (50.32 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:52 2014-7-15 3.jpg (44.88 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:52 2014-7-15 4.jpg (74.8 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:52 2014-7-15 , , Lining, Anta and other sports brands have entered the field of outdoor products, but the performance is not satisfactory. Before and after the way, Archaeopteryx figure way traditional sports brand to go after the pan outdoor line, have the price advantage no brand recognition, "Lining" playing outdoors, a bit "The climate does not suit one". : in the past two years, for sports brands like Lining, Anta, 361, etc., they have dabbled in outdoor products in order to seek new performance growth. However, from the 2013 earnings of various brands, the entry into outdoor products did not bring them the "apple"". into the field of outdoor supplies, Lining why would "acclimatized"? In the fierce brand competition, can they break through the tight encirclement? industry traditional sports brands have been involved in outdoor "keeping the same pain, more courage than stepping into the realm of freedom, just want to go out."." This is one of Lining's latest series of copywriting. It was posted at its most prominent location in the Lining discovery store on the health road in Zhengzhou. : at last year's ISPO sporting goods exhibition in Beijing, Lining's professional outdoor brand Lining explored the official appearance, declared outdoor products industry. now, the impression of the people of Zhengzhou may remain in the fashion and urban leisure stage of Lining. However, "Lining exploration" has been everywhere in Henan. In addition to Zhengzhou, but also into Zhumadian, Jiaozuo, Xinxiang and other markets. in the industry view, Lining involved in the outdoor industry is in preparation for the main business, make a profit income approach, in order to alleviate the current in the traditional sports shoes in the field of competition. like Lining, other sports brands, such as Adidas, Anta, 361, and so on, have reached outdoor products industry, but also for the same purpose. because they are not better than the day of Anta Sports: Listing 5 years net profit in 2012 fell for the first time; 361 2012 full year net profit fell nearly 40% in 2013, the gross margin decline is from 16.5% in 2012 to 28.2%; XTEP 2012 full year net profit fell 16.18% in 2013, is the first the gross profit of negative growth; PEAK 2012 net profit fell to its lowest level in nearly five years, 2013 is still a 12.4% decline in gross profit. compared with the sporting goods industry as a bleak winter, the outdoor industry "Chinese sports full of youthful spirit": the Federation data show that from 2002 to 2012, China outdoor market annual growth rate of over.The red tornado swept again back to its sports giant Reebok, classic GL 6000 for the design blueprint, Flash Red brought new color for the spring. In the design the retro flavor, with Nubuc classic combination and breathable mesh making shoes, a brilliant red and gray with white complement each other, finally midsole and outsole is black. reebok-gl-6000-flash-red.jpg (85 KB, download number: 0) download Reebok GL 6000 Flash Red on foot Mito 2015-3-3 12:06 upload reebok-gl-6000-flash-red-1.jpg (62.04 KB, download number: 0) download Reebok GL 6000 Flash Red on foot Mito 2015-3-3 12:06 upload reebok-gl-6000-flash-red-2.jpg (52.38 KB, download number: 1) download Reebok GL 6000 Flash Red on foot Mito 2015-3-3 12:06 upload