Work packages

Establishing the training framework

1.1 Building of Competence Centers

1.1.1 Identification of six – eight academic centers in Romania, by the promoter and partner 1, on regional criteria, which will constitute the basic cores of the envisaged training system.

1.1.2 The selection of the future training trainers/coordinators and the building of a Competence Center for each identified academic center.

1.2. Consulting the Competence Centers

1.2.1 Meetings with each Competence Center in order to establish the organizational details and the future working ways.

1.2.2 Establishing the trainers/coordinators roles during the training sessions, the identification of the possible local resources.

1.2.3 Identification of the training needs and the realizations of the training needs analysis (TNA)

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June 2023

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