Expected results

The expected result of the project is a "product" with practical and durable character, being the only possibility of creating an integrated database which describes the set of relevant information for the current structure and for the future of  the participants to higher education in Romania, being centered primarily on the dynamics of students.

        Work package 1 results (WP1)

R1.1 Data base of trainers.
R1.2 Organizational framework with the training programs – the training strategy.
R1.3 Document regarding the training needs.

         Work package 2 results (WP2)

R2.1 List with the training modules
R2.2 Content of the training package – set of modules

         Work package 3 results (WP3)

R3.1 Document regarding/on the structure of the training platform
R3.2 Technical conditions for the electronic application
R3.3 Virtual platform for communication
R3.6 Data base with the training program modules
R3.8 Framework regarding the access mechanisms of the academic community in consulting and use of the platform

          Work package 4 results (WP4)

R4.1 Training of approximately 30 trainers
R4.2 Training of over 80 representatives of top-management in universities
R4.3 Training of 420 persons/people from the academic environment during the first training round
R4.4 Training of 420 persons from the academic environment during the second training round
R4.5 Document regarding the package and the training programs validation

          Work Package 5 results (WP5)

R5.1 10-12 study visits

          Work Package 6 results (WP6)

R6.1 Methodological framework regarding the future use of the training platform within the academic management
R6.2 Technical and financial reports of the project
R6.3 Audit reports made by independent specialists

           Work package 7 results (WP7)

R7.1 Communication strategy of the project
R7.2 Structured data base of the training modules

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